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When Watching the Olympics Makes You Wonder if You Should Get Up Off the Couch

Kristi Hayes is the owner and founder of KHOP FIT, a business that teaches others how to journey to health and wholeness through the avenue of nutrition and fitness. KHOP FIT started in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is now based in St. Louis, Missouri. Kristi is a certified personal trainer and Level 1 Crossfit Trainer. On any given day, you will find her walking on her hands with her kids, challenging others to do what they think wasn’t possible in her garage gym, or re-decorating multiple rooms in her house. KHOP FIT organically formed when her workout team named their workouts in Kristi's garage/backyard, K’s House of Pain.  Kristi likes to say that the P is for Purpose, Potential, Pull-ups and that there’s always purpose with the Pain - which is a good lesson in life as well.

Prior to becoming a fitness and mindset coach, Kristi played college basketball, worked with several churches and non-profits, worked in DC as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill and was the founder and CEO of Wiseabe, a for profit company that helped send students to college in impoverished countries.

Kristi uses fitness as the connecting point to bring WHOLENESS in all areas of her teams' lives. By empowering men and women to be disciplined in fitness, nutrition, and care of their soul, Kristi utilizes her past role as a former basketball coach.  Her current focus is to create multiple micro teams that may contain people who all have different individual goals, but each person is invested in helping the others accomplish their next goals. Kristi coaches her teams to "CELEBRATE WHOLENESS TOGETHER." 

This episode is a great fit for folks who are coaching themselves, their team, their staff, their corporate culture through a mindset change. Kristi applies the tools we all need for a mindset change and applies it to helping clients with body image. What mindset change do you need? You will be able to convert Kristi's approach to your situation right away.

Overheard in this Episode ::

"Discipline breeds discipline. Starting discipline in one area makes you more disciplined in others." click to tweet

"A good coach figures out her players." click to tweet

"It is such a brave thing to just show up." click to tweet

"There is sacred in the simple." click to tweet

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:: Workout with Kristi + KHop Fit ::

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