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Marquita Burke-De Jesus is a yogi, dance company director, activist, mom of two, and gardener living in the Dallas metro area. The unifying aspects in all of her roles is to mentor creative beliefs in the lives of those she journeys alongside in dance, activism and at home. Marquita has danced for many years - after traveling extensively, performing and choreographing, she began to use dance to combat child sex trafficking in partnership with non-profit organizations in Asia and Africa. In 2012, she founded the Silence the Violence campaign and in 2014, Marquita published her first book, Radically Ordinary.

Today Marquita continues to share her work in various conferences, professional gatherings and events in Texas and across the USA. Each winter she hosts and directs iReach, an annual dance benefit concert which partners with the community to offer under-resourced girls educational and economic empowerment. To date, her dance company has raised more than $75k to invest in empowerment programs for women and girls.

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