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Sometimes good opportunities, inquiries and projects start coming your way so fast that your "yes" agreements become too much for your brain, your body, your life and your family. Maybe you need to step back and focus on just a few hallmark projects and some self care to reboot for the next round. Author, conference CEO and connector Logan Wolfram learned that lesson the hard way. 

Listen in to learn how you can follow Logan's lead and make 2016 way more zen than 2015. Mixed in with some big laughs, Logan tells us about what happened when she took her own advice about slowing down and rebooting curious adventure - for one thing, she ended up in a quilting class. By tackling fewer projects, she opened a new creative path for her first online summit: The Curious Living Summit, which had a smashing launch this summer.

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"I need time to be whole again before I write another book and I don't know how long that's going to take." Logan Wolfram on writing multiple books.

"Our country and our society have just stopped paying attention to being a whole human being." Logan Wolfram on self care.                                                          TWEET THIS

"To be a curious person, I need to develop a curious life." Logan Wolfram on making our lives what we hoped they might be.

"If you want to collaborate with people, don't be a user. You have to always be a giver." Logan Wolfram on how to build a healthy network.                                   TWEET THIS

"Cheer for the tribe that you have and the people that are around you. Don't spend your life trying to social climb within your industry." Logan Wolfram on how to not destroy your friendships.

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