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When "On the Road Again" Is Your Actual Life :: Not Your Just Favorite Tune from Willie

Jill Pickering has been writing songs since she was a little girl. She is now one half of vocal pop/folk duo Jill and Kate.  Jill has been able to travel *literally* the whole world singing in front audiences ranging in size from mega stadiums to dive bars. She's been on air via network late night TV, morning shows, youtube, StageIt and everything in between. Jill gives us the inside scoop on how she discovered her passion for writing songs and how it became the center piece of her career.

In this episode we cover:

  • writing rhythms
  • how life experiences influence art
  • the advantageous of being an introvert
  • discovering who you really are
  • finding business mentors (Jill's business mentor is Whitney English the mastermind behind Day Designer)
  • setting big goals for the next horizon

Jill and Kate Song Collection

Jill and Kate
Acoustic Covers
Jill and Kate
Heart of Stone (Live)
Jill and Kate
East Coast Bound
By Jill & Kate

Online Intro
Jill Pickering


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