Episode 009 :: Sarah Harmeyer of Neighbor's Table :: Manifest Collab Podcast

Sarah Harmeyer of Neighbor's Table joins us to talk about building something tangible to create something intangible - in her case, craftsman tables that allow folks to build connections with their neighbors. Neighbor's Table has allowed Sarah to hone her love of making people feel welcome, important and celebrated.

Already featured on HGTV and popping up in backyards across America, Neighbor's Table is a "love mission" that has connected Sarah with people who desire to connect and celebrate others, but need a little nudge in the right direction. From helping friends throw approachable parties, to making great introductions to pulling the quiet ones into the conversation - this episode is a must listen for those of us who like to or need to pull together a team.

After listening to this episode, you will be ready for your next toast, welcome speech or hosting duties and pull it off with ease. Sarah shows us all how to welcome and connect people in a low key, high connection approach that will make you want to throw another party / grand opening / employee appreciation dinner / just because party as soon as possible.

Neighbor's Table Party // Photo by Neighbor's Table

Neighbor's Table Party // Photo by Neighbor's Table

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Sarah Harmeyer


Founder, Chief People Gatherer at Neighbor's Table
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