MINICAST :: Vernon Deas of Group Fly #GRPFLY :: Manifest Collab Podcast

For this episode, we parachute right in the middle of a conversation with Vernon Deas of GroupFly #GRPFLY street wear. His clothing line is highly sought after across North America and GRPFLY is a staple in the underground hiphop scene. In addition to being the mastermind behind GRPFLY, Vernon is a graphic designer, CEO, speaker and youth advocate. 

Vernon and I talk about:

  • selecting collaboration partners for a new line or campaign; 
  • giving opportunities to those up and coming in your field; 
  • the power of mentoring.  

Our internet connection wasn't the greatest for some parts of our interview, but Vernon's wisdom is rather inspiring so, we've served up some clips for you to hear his approach in his own words. This minicast will tide you over until we can schedule another interview with Vernon. The rest of the interview not featured in the auto portion is featured magazine style on

INSIDE SCOOP :: Vernon is the magic behind the MANIFEST COLLAB logo!

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Vernon Deas

Vernon Deas Founder, CEO GRPFLY
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