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Today we hang out with Katherine Wolf, one of the most inspiring and gracious women I know. Katherine and her husband Jay are friends of mine from law school. In Jay and I’s last year of law school, Katherine was a new mom and seasoned model taking care of little six month old James when she suffered a massive brainstem stroke. Her survival and recovery, which included a sixteen hour surgery and more than two year journey through brain rehab, have been nothing short of a miracle. She is out conquering life - she and Jay have co-founded an organization called Hope Heals, recently published a much acclaimed book also titled Hope Heals - they create encouraging content and speak all over the nation, all with refreshing realness and grace.

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Katherine Wolf

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#HopeHealsBook by Katherine and Jay Wolf is available via any major book retailer. You can also learn more about this incredible story by clicking hopehealsbook.com



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