Episode 002 :: Jessie McNamara and the Music City Rollin Jamboree :: MANIFEST COLLAB PODCAST

Today we hang out with stand up comedian Jessie McNamara, one of my favorite people on the whole planet and also one of the mega creative minds behind the nationally celebrated Music City Rollin Jamboree. Jessie was voted one of the funniest women in Nashville and should be voted one of the biggest hearted as well. Listen to this episode to find out why Reba jumped on Jessie’s bus who they were plotting to surprise.


"If you are on a tight rope alone, it's terrifying. Instead weave your friends into a safety net." @JessieMcNamara #manifestcollab

"Find the people that make you feel safe to fail. You cannot succeed without failing." @KariSowers #manifestcollab

"I don't mind failing. I do mind looking back and saying 'I can't believe I didn't try that.'" @JessieMcNamara #manifestcollab

Reba and Kelly Clarkson Jump on Rollin City Rollin Jamboree - Jingle Strong feature

CNN Spotlight: Music City Rollin Jamboree

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Photos of Jessie McNamara and Music City Rollin Jamboree provided by Jessie McNamara and Kari Sowers. Photo of Kari Sowers by Kristen Booth