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Today on the show we talk with Brice Yocum, the principal farmer at Sunbird Farms, located in sunny central California. Sunbird Farms operates as a small, slow, sustainable farm for heritage chickens. Their fans are local and international. Sunbird Farms are a favorite of the Slow Foods International movement and after listening to this episode, you will be a fan as well.

In this episode, Brice talks about how he expanded his work as an attorney and MBA professor to include raising heritage breed chickens. He champions hyper-locality while further exploring entrepreneurship opportunities in the Internet age.

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"I believe in a world where things are hyper local." @BriceYocum #manifestcollab

"Uniqueness is what makes the great cities great, you don't feel like you are in 'anywhere USA.'" @KariSowers #manifestcollab

"The idea is to provide really good opportunities locally - then encourage & help others do the same." @BriceYocum #manifestcollab

"Agriculture can be part of what most of us do as families, and then we market the excess." @BriceYocum #manifestcollab

"You can be an entrepreneur w/ almost nothing - just start your story." @BriceYocum #manifestcollab


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Photos of Brice Yocum and Sunbird Farms provided by Brice Yocum. Photo of Kari Sowers by Kristen Booth