First Episodes Scheduled to Appear Early June 2016


This is getting real and it's exciting! As I talked about over on the blog, I'm in Los Angeles working on taking this website LIVE. The one thing missing will be our actual links to iTunes and Libsyn. I've recorded about 12 episodes that I'm so eager to share with you. Our guests are INCREDIBLE. There's laughter, tears, crazy smart insights and the best ideas you've every heard. The thing I love most is how connected you will feel to the makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives that you will meet, or get to know better, on our weekly podcast.

Our trusty editor and I are working hard to get all the tech-y stuff on point so that iTunes can approve our podcast feed. We don't actually get to control when iTunes approves and releases our feed, but based on our advisors input, it looks like the BIG DAY will be Wednesday, June 1.

STAY TUNED! We will definitely keep you posted.

Go build something,

UPDATE: The first episodes won't appear June 1, but they will appear SOON. I should get the first cuts back from the editor today or tomorrow.