MANIFEST Collab + Create is a new podcast for makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives. Over at we help people build things. MANIFEST Collab + Create is about moving out of isolation and into collaboration; it about joining a crew that conspires for your success; it’s about learning from and contributing to a community so that you don’t spend your time inventing every - single - wheel. Most of our guests tell their story of how they took an idea from wishful thinking to a reality that enhances their life. After listening to each episode, we hope you will be educated and inspired to better manifest your own dreams.  Some of you are building from scratch, some of you are redesigning, some of you are expanding and already thriving venture -- regardless of your phase, you’ll learn something valuable from the folks who share their hard earned insights with the rest of us.


Your main podcast host is Kari Sowers, but from time to time she will hand over the microphone to several folks who inspire and coach her as a builder, entrepreneur, consultant and boss. By trade, Kari is an Intellectual Property attorney who does both legal work and custom consulting for folks with expansive ideas. (Side note: this isn’t a legal podcast and nothing you hear on the air is intended to be nor should it be used as legal advice, carry on.)  This community is built to replicate Kari's favorite parts of her ongoing legal career - amazing energy is created by the makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives who study what is to inform what could be.


MANIFEST Collab + Create Podcast is based on Kari's work with a variety of business clients from Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and well-financied start-ups to mom and pop shops, solo-preneurs, and those who are still in the “what if” phase. Repeatedly, she observed that best predictor of success is a winning concept paired with a collaborative community.  Those who build alone generate fewer and poorer ideas - those who build in collaboration move faster, experience better results and fully enjoy their lives thanks to workshopping their ideas, dreams, goals and plans with a crew building in the same space.

You may live in a creative hub or you may live somewhere where you feel like the only one for miles. Regardless of where you are physically located, learning and contributing within this community will make you feel inspired, connected and ready to take the next concrete step towards manifesting your thing.

If you have something you want to build, MANIFEST Collab + Create is your crew. Welcome. All aboard. We’ll see you back here each week and over on the web at Now - let’s move on to getting our inspiration flowing and listen to the MANIFEST Collab + Create podcast guests and episodes.  

We're so glad you are here. Let's build something!