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LAUNCH Workshops

You are ready to move from the peanut gallery to the open seas. You've done dream sessions, told friends over coffee your vision, reworked your ideas and now, it's truly time to take a concrete step. You are ready to leave the safe harbor and launch this ship.

MANIFEST Collab + Create has a portfolio of online classes and live workshops designed for creatives and companies serious about building a foundation that includes heavy duty infrastructure to welcome success. This thing is going to blow up, baby and you need to be ready. Our launch portfolio is designed for a maiden voyage, expansion, rebranding, new product lines - whatever your vision of growth may be, you need to make sure you have the capacity to compete and handle the influx of eyeballs and inquiries.

We Help People Build Things

We have two exciting curriculum options. You can work from home or work in real time with us!

Launch Your Ship

Live workshop experience

Take a working and reflective retreat to get a coastal view of your goals, brand, strategy, unique niche and infrastructure. This is where you find out if you are building handle a hurricane of attention and inquiries.

All the content elements of Build Your Boat are included with this exciting Launch Your Ship opportunity. The Launch Your Ship live experience adds the interactive full attention of our faculty to help you launch your ship. One on one consulting and group collaborative work includes

  • The trademark lens to building a defensible brand
  • Intellectual Property workshops for the modern creative and company
  • The most powerful website urls
  • Elements of an effective one, five and ten minute pitch
  • Establishing a home base on the sea of social media

Build Your Boat

This work-at-your-own-pace module guides you to build the infrastructure you need to be ready for massive success. Topics include:

  • Build your brand, with an eye towards trademark protection
  • How to pick a strong domain name
  • What online territory you should claim
  • Developing a helpful and memorable tagline for your brand
  • When and how to launch

You'll receive access to the Build your Boat Portal that includes videos, worksheets, audio tutorials, framework building prompts, and instructions for how to build infrastructure for massive success.

This offering is a great option for creatives and companies who want to make sure they have an expansive strategy to make a splash in the online world.