Kari Sowers

Kari Sowers is an Intellectual Property attorney* who does both legal work and custom consulting for folks with expansive ideas. Kari Sowers consults creatives and companies seeking a better grasp on how to best manage their Intellectual Property assets and collaborative teams. She hosts the Manifest Collab podcast and oversees all content under the Manifest Collab + Create umbrella.  She loves strategizing with individuals, small groups and companies about her passion for smart, forward motion and collaboration. 

Over the course of Kari's legal career, she discovered that she best resonates with the makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives who study what is to inform what could be. Her legal career started in Los Angeles, working for a major, global law firm and over the years she has worked with a variety of business clients from Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and well-financed start-ups to mom and pop shops, solo-preneurs, and those who are sought after by those "in the know." Her clients range from household names to local craftsmen.

Intellectual Property protection approaches are highly individualized to the creative or company holding the asset. Kari helps clients expand their knowledge of their options, the investments required for different levels of protection and how to build an infrastructure that allows her clients to protect and steer what they have worked so hard to build.

Kari has done Intellectual Property consulting work for clients such as IF:Gathering, StoryBrand, The Task Keeper, The New Domestic, Doe Hand Crafted, The Mentoring Project, Lizzie Roda, Ashley Donovan Beauty and others.


*While Kari is a practicing attorney, licensed in California and Oregon, she's not YOUR attorney unless and until you have formalized an attorney/client relationship. Manifest Collab + Create content is designed to promote collaboration, inspiration, education and tangible skills. Nothing on the Manifest Collab + Create website or within its published content should be construed as legal advice.