What is Intellectual Property? The scope of Intellectual Property commonly includes the disciplines of copyright, trademark, trade secrets and patents. Kari Sowers loves consulting creatives and companies on copyright, trademark, trade secrets, licensing issues and also the related fields of domain names, non-compete agreements, cyberlaw, defamation, slander, usage of image or likeness. There are lots of options available to innovative makers, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to protect and steer what they build.

The field of Intellectual Property can be confusing for the uninitiated - you know it's an important issues, but you are not sure where to start. Kari helps you and your company figure out your options: types of actions provide different types of protection and opportunities for expansion. Together we base our approach on what makes sense for your goals, your intentions and your budget.

Common custom consulting topics include:

  • What is a trademark and why do I need one?
  • Can I use that image?
  • What rights do I have to content I hire someone to help me build?
  • What types of agreements need to be in place between a business owner and employees?
  • What can I link, repost or sample?


Kari Sowers is the lead consultant for MANIFEST Collab + Create.

By trade, she is an Intellectual Property attorney* who does both legal work and custom consulting for folks with expansive ideas. Kari's legal career started in Los Angeles, working for a major, global law firm and over the years, she's worked with a variety of business clients from Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and well-financied start-ups to mom and pop shops, solo-preneurs, and those who are still in the “what if” phase. Past clients include household names and regular folks you would never hear of unless you are an industry insider.

*Kari is a practicing attorney, licensed in California and Oregon, but she is not YOUR attorney. No legal services are advertised via this website. While principles of law and best practices are discussed - nothing on this website or on Manifest Collab + Create Podcast is intended to be, nor should it be used, as legal advice. The goal of Manifest Collab + Create is to inspire, educate and equip you to make better choices about building and protecting your intellectual property. Most basic concepts of intellectual property and corporate law have exceptions, qualifications and work-arounds. As such, Kari helps creatives and companies learn overall concepts and best practice strategies so that decision makers can conduct informed planning sessions and approach their personal or corporate attorney confidently, with a list of questions. It is up to you, the reader or listener, to directly engage an attorney to help you apply general principles of law to your specific situation. Kari helps you know what is possible and it is up to you to make it happen.