Hustle Helpers - Calendar Trade Off

There are a limited number of hours in each day, week, month and year. We all know this, but rarely make a nitty-gritty plan about how to use those precious hours. We each only have one wild and amazing life and the minutes tick away each minute. 

You are ready to build or expand your idea... We love that! We help people build things. 

One of the strategies that we offer to clients is the "calendar trade-off." If you are adding new activities to your life - starting a blog, expanding your photography business, making knives, leaving the firm to go out on your own, etc. - then you have to compress or remove other activities to make room.

Some people start by compressing sleep time. Not a good look. You must anchor in sleep, nutrition and fresh air. Selling off your sleep might work for a week or two, but you will wound  your potential by not serving your brain. What else can you move around?

Hustle Helpers is a series of strategies I am trying to slide around some things on the calendar, keep what is important, get rid of fluff and add new exciting options. I've been playing around with food shopping and prep hustle helpers. In our family, I am the primary food adult. I am the main one doing the planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. While my husband is a good cook and participates fully when home, he travels a lot. He can and does jump in or take over as the case may be, but the baseline plan and stocking the frig is up to me.

We had a long season of frozen pizza dinners. Don't get me wrong, I love a frozen pizza in crunch. Even more, I love a Mississippi Pizza every day of the week, but I digress. For my taste buds and family nutritional goals, frozen meals are a great mix in, but they were grabbing a starring role and not just a chorus line mention.

Food things needed to change, but at the same time I'm building this company! I don't have hours to meal plan and shop and also create new content. Sometimes, I do love to take a long time at the grocery store (because I love grocery shopping at inspiring, fresh markets like Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles, New Seasons, Green Zebra in Portland and I can spend hours in the bakery of Gelson's Market in Marina del Rey, but AGAIN I digress) but I cannot roam the aisles every week.

Fresh, amazing, organic is harder to find in the midwest. Sure, there are sweet little nooks like Mama Jean's, but produce prices are high (spoiled by bulk power at bigger stores) and choices are somewhat limited. While I'm there loving on a small business with my dollars, I'm torn knowing that I can get the same brands elsewhere for a lower price point. Struggle!

I am trying two online food subscription services to help a sista out. Thus far, I am dabbling in Blue Apron and Thrive Market. Blue Apron sends meal prep ingredients and recipes while Thrive Market is like Amazon Prime for healthy, organic foods and they specialize in particular diet needs like allergy aware and gluten free. Have you tried either service? I am a few months in on both and look forward to sharing my experience. 

When you think about the concept of "hustle helpers" how do you compress or remove items on your calendar to make way for your new hustle? What has to go? What has to stay? What can change?

P.S. We have five free meals we can share from Blue Apron. Want one? E-mail and we'll send you the secret code! Of course, we will want to know what you think once you try Blue Apron.