How Many Peeps in Your E-Mail Community?

Happy Thursday... one more day until Fri-YAY!  I hope your fall is off to a great start. I cannot get enough of the warm days, cool nights, crispy leaves, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING (especially pumpkin pie) and football.

I'm busy working behind the scenes on #ManifestCollab Podcast Season Two. It drops soon, and you will adore the guests that jumped on for round two.

While I work, I'm always eager to learn about how I can help my clients in areas that surround the creation or expansion of their business, movement, organization or gallery audience.

This week, I've been listening in to List Building School by the ever charming Navid Moazzez. You can listen in for free. Several expert speakers also offer add on products, but the free version of this summit is really helpful because you actually learn stuff about serving your e-mail community. Other business friends are raving about Ray Edwards' copywriting summit. Ray's summit is also free and available this week. I haven't clicked over yet, but I've learned valuable lessons from Ray in the past. You may dig it - Copywriting Virtual Summit.

What have you been learning? What tools are you using to help you build the next phase of your idea?

I'd love to know what you are working on so that I can help send resources your way.

Let's build something,