Content Crush :: Some Stuff Worth Your Time #ContentCrush

Some stuff on the internet is a time suck - and often, we are better off putting our phone down. On the other hand, there are a few spots that offer genuinely helpful information. Here are a some links that are in our thumbs up category this week.

Article: All nine start up tips are really helpful. They may not appear overly complicated, but they cut to the essential foundations of starting and growing a business. Number two is my favorite, when you read it you will know why: 9 Things Nobody Tells You When Starting a Business via Darling Magazine.

For Your Ears: The Hope*Writers Podcast always makes me smile and this episode made me totally crack up. Maybe because I listened during a late night work session, maybe you will giggle too. Either way, I recommend the episode Learn From Our Idiot Moves


Social: One of my favorite people, Myquillin Smith, showed me this great Instagram feed - @fromwhereidrone - featuring fresh photos shot from the angle of a drone. I love stuff that makes me think about the world in a new way.

Video: People who can make great photographs, on purpose, amaze me. Jasmine Star is a photographer turned entrepreneur who gives a few tips that even those of us who are not Annie Leibovitz can follow.