Today, hold only what is real.

Saw this graphic while sipping coffee and snort-laughed ... and then had a moment of serious stillness. THIS IS SO TRUE. There is so much pressure to build an online empire if you want your business or self to feel like it matters. And let's be honest, it is a shot in the arm if you have a business or side gig to have more followers/exposure. But, just for today, turn off the electronic devices that connect you to the electronic presentations of other people located far away and put your hands and heart to something (or someone!) that is right in front of you. Hello workshop, garden, journal, coffee across the table from another eternal being. Hello smiling at a new face, singing in community, laughing at a little one rustling in the leaves. Goodbye games. Today, hold only what is real.


#repost graphic from @houseofbelonging Instagram feed. Click HERE to see more from House of Belonging.