You Need More Conviction.

Who knew *this* would become the world PHENOM that we now know as Hamilton, the Musical? Channel your inner time machine and think about how everyone sitting in this audience HAD NO IDEA the brilliance that Lin Manuel would channel into his musical.

But he knew.

Watch again. Notice his conviction.

You have this kind of brilliance in you, you just need more conviction. [tweet that]

Today, hold only what is real.

Saw this graphic while sipping coffee and snort-laughed ... and then had a moment of serious stillness. THIS IS SO TRUE. There is so much pressure to build an online empire if you want your business or self to feel like it matters. And let's be honest, it is a shot in the arm if you have a business or side gig to have more followers/exposure. But, just for today, turn off the electronic devices that connect you to the electronic presentations of other people located far away and put your hands and heart to something (or someone!) that is right in front of you. Hello workshop, garden, journal, coffee across the table from another eternal being. Hello smiling at a new face, singing in community, laughing at a little one rustling in the leaves. Goodbye games. Today, hold only what is real.


#repost graphic from @houseofbelonging Instagram feed. Click HERE to see more from House of Belonging. 

How Many Peeps in Your E-Mail Community?

Happy Thursday... one more day until Fri-YAY!  I hope your fall is off to a great start. I cannot get enough of the warm days, cool nights, crispy leaves, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING (especially pumpkin pie) and football.

I'm busy working behind the scenes on #ManifestCollab Podcast Season Two. It drops soon, and you will adore the guests that jumped on for round two.

While I work, I'm always eager to learn about how I can help my clients in areas that surround the creation or expansion of their business, movement, organization or gallery audience.

This week, I've been listening in to List Building School by the ever charming Navid Moazzez. You can listen in for free. Several expert speakers also offer add on products, but the free version of this summit is really helpful because you actually learn stuff about serving your e-mail community. Other business friends are raving about Ray Edwards' copywriting summit. Ray's summit is also free and available this week. I haven't clicked over yet, but I've learned valuable lessons from Ray in the past. You may dig it - Copywriting Virtual Summit.

What have you been learning? What tools are you using to help you build the next phase of your idea?

I'd love to know what you are working on so that I can help send resources your way.

Let's build something,


The Importance of a Name + 4 Things You Have to Consider Before You Commit

The Importance of a Name + 4 Things You Have to Consider Before You Commit

Meanwhile, this article is about is naming your "baby". Not like your actual human child, because I cannot pretend to know what will be important to you when you name another soul, but I do know some things that should be important when naming your studio, venture, company, store, etc. Interestingly, there are many factors that parallel naming a baby and a business - here are a few:

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Podcast Virtual #RoadTrip! Welcoming All 50 States

This crew has been so incredibly supportive of #ManifestCollab Podcast and it makes our hearts MELT. Our first guests: Brice Yocum, Jessie McNamara, Katherine Arnold Wolf and Rachel Jacobson hit absolute GRAND SLAMS in gifting us with inspiring stories and super helpful insights.

JUST FOR FUN, we hope to celebrate listener downloads of Manifest Collab + Create Podcast in all 50 states before our one month anniversary.  Do you have friends in Alaska, Delaware, either of the Dakotas, Maine, Vermont or Wyoming? Hook a sister up! We are so close and the 4th of July fireworks signal that time is almost up.

This is the iTunes link you can send to your peeps if you have peeps in these states.

Let's build this! 




One Week Post Launch for Manifest Collab Podcast

What an exciting week since our launch on iTunes. Thank you for your incredible support. Because of your collaboration, Manifest Collab Podcast has been downloaded in 37 US States and five countries. What a start!

Our first three guests are fast crowd favorites. If you've listened to the episodes, you know why I admire these three so greatly. If you haven't yet listened, you can CLICK HERE to head straight to iTunes or click photos below to read each summary and show notes.

Our guest next week is an advocate and innovator from deep in the heart of Texas. Stay tuned!

Let's build something,

P.S. Several of you have asked how to best support Manifest Collab Podcast. Three actions have a huge impact: (1) subscribe on iTunes, (2) write a review on iTunes and (3) share the podcast with your friends on social media. Thank you!


I'm in Los Angeles - Buildling with Friends!



It has been an incredible experience working with a truly collaborative crew of designers, tech gurus and other entrepreneurs as we've set up camp at Go Live HQ to launch our respective websites.

Go Live HQ is lead by my friend Promise Tangeman. She put together a method to help entrepreneurs go live with a new or completely redesigned website in two days flat.

And buddy, we have been working. Promise and Ash guided us through prep work before we arrived, but after a morning brunch of quiche, fruit and mimosas it was down to business.

We worked through a rigorous punch list of "do this next" circled through headshot appointments, one-on-one with designers, reimagined our concepts with Promise, gave each other feedback and ideas, talked social media tips and had some great laughs.

I cannot wait until tomorrow to cheer wildly as my new friends GO LIVE with their website! You can follow our adventures on instagram by watching the hashtag #goliveexperience

What is MANIFEST Collab + Crew, Anyway?



You have lots of good ideas, but sometimes we all hit a speed bump when making them a reality. It’s hard to build something alone. Climb out of circling frustration, swirling ideas and not knowing where to start. Join our crew.

We Help People Build Things

With MANIFEST Collab + Create, you join a crew of fellow makers, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs who share insider tips, explore the newest techniques and build together to conspire for your success.

We host a weekly PODCAST that gives you inside information from those who have made the leap from following a script to charting their own course. Their adventure will give you ideas for yours. 

Manifest Collab + Create also offers access to COLLAB CREW to get you connected and energized by a sea of folks who want to move towards their dream, just like you. The exclusive content offered to Collab Crew members is next level information designed by our experts in innovation to help those who are serious about launching or expanding their fleet.

Quarterly, we offer online tutorials and live WORKSHOPS that matter to people building to last, whether your contribution is a gallery showing, new company, reclaimed wood farm table or private practice.

We hope MANIFEST Collab + Create put a spring in your step, new ideas in your head and inspires you to take that next step NOW.

Bon voyage!